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Pink Nail Salon

"On the Go Pink"
Manicure 80

Speedy service for busy, modern professional. Includes nail shaping and cuticle grooming, perfect preparation for a fresh, new polish

"Spoiled Pink"   
Pedicure 95
Pamper yourself with our signature manicure/pedicure. We begin by grooming your nails and cuticles. Next we loosen your hands/feet with our uniqe massage. Your nails and loes then finished with the perfect polish of your choice.
"All Out Pink"           
Spa Package 

Sink your hands and feet into a warm bath of salt water. As you unwind, we manicure your hands and pedicure your feet to perfection. This is followed by a rich scrub for your hands and feet with milky salves. The scrub will leave both your skin feeling silky soft and with a noticeable, healthy glow.

"Rejuvenate Pink"  
Paraffin Package                      
Enjoy our full manicure & pedicure service. Indulge your self with an extended session of our signature hand and feet massage. Next, relax your hands and feet ini our therapeutic moisturizing peach paraffin wax. Enriched with Vitamin E and a blend of nourishing oils, it will leave the skin feeling luxuriously soft and deeply supple. Hands & feet are rejuvenated back to a beautiful and healthy balance.
French Manicure 100
French Pedicure 110
Basic Nail Art - per nail
Kids Nail Art (up to 9 years old) -per nail
Acrylic Nail Art (Japanese) & Rhinestones Decoration -per nail 22.5
Nail Extension - Aryclic 350
Refill Aryclic / bring own product 200
Nail Extension - Gel 450
Refill Gel / bring own product 250
Nail Extension - Natural 120
Aryclic Remover 70
Extension Remover 45
Polish Change 40
French Polish Change 55
Foot Scrub 55
Hand Srcub 50
Paraffin Wax Hand 50
Paraffin Wax Foot
Signature Hands Reflexology Massage 40
Signature Foot Reflexology Massage 45
Hands & Feet Massage 75
Acupressure Face Massage (Totok Wajah) 60































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